About Me

Welcome to my website!  I am an Instructional Designer with experience designing and developing instructional materials for learners, both young and adult, in a variety of settings. I am currently working full-time as Senior Instructional Designer at Aramark Uniform Services in Burbank, CA.  I recently volunteered my expertise on a Global Giveback with Pact, a world-wide non-profit organization.

My expertise as an Instructional Designer draws from 14 years working software development & support and 8 years as an educator.  I was already developing multimedia learning over 10 years ago as an educator but a few years back decided to formalize my training by completing my Masters of Instructional Design and Technology.

Although I came into this profession because of my love for developing multimedia, I am a well-rounded instructional designer capable of identifying and designing the best approach for the needs and constraints of any given learning situation.

Please take a moment to view my Portfolio and Résumé to learn more about my work experience.  Feel free to contact me using the supplied form.